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About the project

ICT -2007 5.1 Advanced ICT for Risk Assessment and Patient Safety    Grant 211713

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting millions of people worldwide. Its cardinal and most disabling symptom is the apparently unforeseen occurrence of epileptic seizures. 

A seizure is a transitory disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain, producing a sudden electrical overload. It affects the brain's normal functions and produces changes in a person's movement, behavior or consciousness. You may learn more for example at 

Brain and neurons

The EPILEPSIAE project aims to explore technology of brain-computer interaction to enhance human life and to use Information and Communication Technologies to empower the epileptic patients to monitor their own risks and improve their safety in daily life, strengthening their social integration.

Software, hardware and wireless devices are being developed by the project. We aim at developing Brainatics, a transportable alarming device, that will automatically record data, predict epileptic seizures, and warn the patient.

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